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Enrichment Classes

Our enrichment classes supplement our core curriculum to help students to expand their learning experience.



Physical Education


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Embers PK-5th grade students look forward to weekly music classes.  

K-5th grade students learn music theory, music history, age-appropriate sacred and secular songs, and a wide range of rhythm games and musical skills. Embers students learn to appreciate music as a part of their lives while developing the skills that enable them to share musical experiences with each other. Performance opportunities include the Christmas Concert and Graduation.

Students also learn a method of sight-singing using Solfege and the corresponding Curwen hand-signs. Students love gaining a greater appreciation and understanding of the song “Do Re Mi” from the Sound of Music, but more importantly this method helps students with their ear training and singing skills and provides a successful pathway to reading standard music notation. By using their hands to mimic their voices while singing, students better understand the spatial relationship between notes and can later transition the hand signs to note-reading.
The 3rd-5th grade classes take turns leading the congregation in the opening and a closing hymns as well as providing music during communion.

Physical Education

Embers students are given plenty of time for both structured and unstructured physical activity because kinesthetic movement is a critical element to every child’s social, physical, and intellectual development.

To this end, all K – 5th grade students participate in Physical Education class each week.

  • The students work on developing motor skills, fitness, and flexibility.
  • They learn to practice sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership.
  • They do this by playing games, practicing skills, and learning the rules and strategies of the games.
    In addition, all K – 5th students have ample opportunities for movement breaks throughout the day. Students enjoy morning and afternoon breaks, as well as a mid-day recess before lunch. Going outside is always the preferred option, weather permitting.


Art classes are taught to all PK-5th grade students on a weekly basis. The philosophy behind Embers’ Art program is based upon the belief that all students learn in very different ways and everyone has gifts. Art class seeks to reach every student by helping each one to discover and use his or her own unique gifts.
With that in mind, the Art program teaches students basic art skills with an eye towards the discovery and appreciation of beauty.
Skills and concepts are reinforced and strengthened with various projects.
Students are exposed to a variety of mediums including; oil pastel, watercolor, tempera painting and collage.
In addition, students are introduced to famous artists and Art History.
In the spirit of service, Embers students complete drawings for Christmas cards and creative projects for the Embers Extravaganza each year.

Extracurricular Programs