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Our rich Virtue Program is the cornerstone of an Embers education and is woven throughout our school curriculum and programs. Children experience the beauty of virtues through literature, art and music, and by guided practice throughout the school day.

Calendar of Virtues

Character Development

The development of character in children requires the presence of adults who themselves have a strong personal character. For this reason, Embers Academy is a place where teachers and staff make a serious personal commitment to model and grow in human virtues.


Virtue Vista

The Virtue Vista newsletter aims to reinforce the collaborative relationship between school and home. This monthly communication provides parents with a brief explanation of the “Virtue of the Month” and provides practical tips for parents to help their children strengthen virtue at home through practice.

Virtue Of The Month

A new virtue is highlighted and celebrated each month of the school year. Teachers integrate the monthly virtue into the curriculum through reading selected literature to students and facilitating classroom discussions and activities. An all-school Virtue Assembly is held at the start of each month so that students, teachers, and staff gain an understanding of the virtue and how to live it better at school and at home.


All students recite the Embers Pledge each morning and promise to live by the virtue tenets of the pledge. The faculty and staff also take this Pledge and are committed to providing the example of modeling these virtues to our students.

Embers Academy Sparks Pledge

As an Embers Spark, I promise to
shine light on the world by trying my best to:
Be Respectful
Take Responsibility
Show Kindness
Embrace Truth

Service and Leadership.

Students are challenged to live each monthly virtue through participation in school-wide service projects that cultivate the desire to serve others. 4th and 5th-grade students develop leadership experience by mentoring younger students, laying a strong foundation for lifelong virtue development.

Calendar of Virtues

September 15th Respect & Responsibility 5th
October 13th Diligence 3rd (Mrs. Black)
November 3rd Gratitude 4th (Ms. Roy)
December 1st Generosity/Charity K
January 12th Fortitude/Courage 1st
February 2nd Honesty 2nd
March 1st Forgiveness 3rd (Mr. Klatt)
April 12th Loyalty 4th (Mrs. Grandinetti)
May 3rd Compassion 5th