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Embers takes the responsibility of academic mastery very seriously while keeping in mind the young age of our students.

Educational Philosophy

Our Approach

Elementary school is the time for your child to master the fundamentals of learning.

Why? By mastering the building blocks of learning, your child grows to be a competent individual who can be of greater service to others. And being a person for others will help to make his or her life a happy one.


How does learning take place at Embers?

Embers provides its students a program of academic excellence which is mission-driven, well planned, and validly assessed.

  • Our faculty, supported by our outstanding learning materials, make the acquisition of knowledge an engaging, orderly, and sequential process.
  • The core subjects are presented in the first part of the day when students are most alert.
  • Our small class size of about 18 students allows teachers to closely monitor your child’s level of proficiency in any given skill.
  • There is time in the school day devoted to practicing a newly acquired skill and to refreshing other ones.
  • High expectations are the norm, buttressed by individual attention and support.
  • Our best work is what we can offer as our prayer.

Statement of Educational Philosophy

  • Embers Academy regards parents as the primary educators of the children whom God has entrusted to them. School administration and faculty welcome the privilege of partnering with parents in their noble quest to form their children to become competent, responsible men and women who live by Christian principles.
  • Embers nurtures the total formation of each child. Embers intentionally acts holistically to cultivate a focus on academics and character development, the latter achieved through a thoughtful virtues education program that spans all grades. This focus on virtue emboldens students to practice moral behavior.
  • Academically, the measure of success for Embers’ educational program is clear: helping our students find joy in learning – and using it as a way to glorify God — is our ultimate goal.
  • An integral part of the formation of the child is spiritual in nature. As an academic subject, Religion is taught in faithfulness to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
  • At Embers, children grow in the confidence that they are children of God, and come to appreciate themselves and others as gifts from God.
  • Inspired by the spirit of Vatican II, Embers emphasizes that lay persons are called to holiness through the fulfillment of their ordinary work while remaining immersed in the world.
  • Embers Academy is committed to the truth and merit of this educational philosophy, accepting it as a guide for current efforts and inspiration for future work.